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  • About JEJU INDI Brand

Spreading the beautiful wisdom of Jeju’s nature, Jejuindi

Jejuindi is a cosmetic brand that strives to connect people
with the benefits of Jeju’s nature and spread beauty around the world.


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  • Recommended JEJU INDI Products

1. [JEJU INDI] Camellia Vital Rich Cream 50ml

A nourishing cream that captures the resilient beauty of Jeju camellias blooming red in the cold winter. It contains camellia flowers and seeds that are grown and harvested directly, infusing dry skin with vitality and energy. This cream builds a strong natural moisture barrier, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.


2. [JEJU INDI] Camellia Original Seed Oil 30ml


Containing 95% camellia seed oil that embodies the essence of Jeju's winter. This unrefined and fermented camellia oil retains its golden hue, delivering the rich nutrients of unsaturated fatty acids deep into the skin. It provides antioxidant benefits while protecting sensitive and delicate skin.


3. [JEJU INDI] Vitamin C Daily Morning Care Mask 380g

Packed with the rich Vitamin C content of Jeju summer tangerines, this mask revitalizes dull skin, making it smooth and radiant. Experience the miracle of 60 seconds a day for 30 days with this large pack of 30 masks.


4. [JEJU INDI] Indigo Moist Gel Cream 80g


Infused with the blue indigo grown under Jeju's warm sunlight, this product features directly cultivated and harvested indigo leaf extract. It soothes and moisturizes the skin, lowering skin temperature and protecting inner moisture, revitalizing dry skin with a burst of hydration. *Clinically tested for skin hydration improvement.


5. [JEJU INDI] Vitamin C Bubble Powder Cleanser 30ea

Made with Jeju golden summer tangerine extract as the main ingredient, this powder cleanser offers antioxidant benefits, boosts immunity, soothes and moisturizes the skin, strengthens the skin barrier, and improves skin tone. Enriched with Vitamin C and a plant energy complex, it provides gentle exfoliation and refines skin texture. *Its powder form makes it easy to carry.


6. [JEJU INDI] Vitamin C Glossy Jumbo Pad 160ml


The Vitamin C Sparkling Jumbo Pads feature 51% Jeju summer tangerine extract as the main ingredient, along with plant-derived Vitamin C collagen and other functional ingredients like oligopeptides that aid in collagen synthesis. This highly potent Vitamin C toning care product is formulated to deliver sparkling and vibrant skin, providing a functional formula that helps maintain clear skin and supports skin cell regeneration.


7. [JEJU INDI] Blossom Sun Cream 50ml

It combines organic and inorganic UV filters: the organic filters absorb and dissipate UV rays, while the inorganic ones reflect them. This mixture preserves a moisturizing effect without leaving a white cast, ensuring smooth application. It also promotes skin brightening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection, and a pink-toned complexion through hydration, achieving smooth skin.


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