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We are thrilled to announce that your company has secured exclusive rights to offer BeaumAnt brand products!


  • About BeaumAnt Brand


BeaumAnt is a compound word derived from the French words Beau (beautiful) and Charmant (charming), meaning "charming beauty." The BeaumAnt Gua Sha Massage Cream was designed to address the issues of purchasing costs, loss, and damage of separate Gua Sha tools and massage creams, as well as the inconvenience of using them separately.


  • Special Offer

We offer you the opportunity to source the BeaumAnt brand exclusively for your store through the Korealy app and sell it worldwide. Gain a competitive edge in the K-beauty market with this new brand. BeaumAnt products are available at special discounted prices only on the Korealy app. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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  • Recommended BeaumAnt Products

1. BeaumAnt Face & Body Liner Gua Sha Massage Cream 120ml

Applicator considering convenience

Gua Sha Massage + Tube Integrated

Existing massage creams were cumbersome to separately purchase and use a gua sha massager made of materials such as stone, metal, or wood. It is also true that there were inconveniences due to the small volume and fragile material. ‘BeaumAnt Face&Body Liner’ is an all-in-one container that can be used at once without purchasing additional components.

2. BeaumAnt Body Line Gua Sha Maker 150ml

All-in-one type that can use the existing Gua Sha massager and cream at once. With a design that is softer than other gua shas and has a wider area, it is possible to massage with minimal skin irritation without chafing

Made with a design that is easy to hold in your hand, you can perform Gua Sha massage effortlessly. After applying cream following a shower, gently massage the absorbed areas with a roller.

3. BeaumAnt Self Gua Sha

Face & Bodyline Self-care with Beaumant

Self Gua Sha with weight and firmness optimized for sphincter by baking 100% natural white soil 3 times at high temperatureqor

White clay, also known as "baekto" in Korean, is a type of clay used for making pottery. When fired at high temperatures, it becomes sturdy, making it ideal for use as Gua-sha material. The self-glazing Gua-sha products made by Beaumant are 100% handmade, with every process meticulously crafted under the delicate touch of artisans.

4. BeaumAnt Jeju Green Tangerine Cleansing Water 500ml


Jeju green tangerine extract 50,000ppm

Jeju green tangerine extract is a raw material obtained by extracting tangerines harvested before tangerines ripen yellow for 7 days through vacuum drying extraction.

It contains high levels of polyphenols, an antioxidant, and it discharges skin waste and strengthens the skin barrier to clean skin texture.


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